Sony’s PumpX wireless speaker outed in Indian market for Rs 7990

Say hello to the Sony PumpX, a portable speaker system which connects to your devices wirelessly for streaming music whilst on the go. The device has been brought over to India carrying a price tag of Rs 7990 and it has a lot to offer for the said amount.

The Sony PumpX is also known as the SRS-X2 and has been on the market for almost a year now. Its late arrival in India is no surprise, but it’s does look to be quite overpriced. The company’s global website has it listed at $69.99 which amounts to just Rs 4355. That’s an extra Rs 3635 you’ll be paying for the speaker system in the country.

Sony PumpX

The Sony device has a pretty alluring design and it comes in multiple colors of black, red and white. The system packs a total of 20W of power through dual speakers and a 45mm driver. Like most wireless speakers, this one also connects to your smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth. It supports version 3.0 standard, making it compatible even with older gadgets.

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What’s more, there’s NFC connectivity onboard to eliminate the hassle of setting up the system via Bluetooth. And you’ll also be able to hook the PumpX speaker up to any gadget which has a 3.5mm audio port. Sony says that the device is capable of up to 5 to 12 hours of battery life, where the former estimate is most likely for Bluetooth, while the latter being for wired connections. The speaker weighs just about 500 grams and measures 171mm x 56.5mm x 56.5mm in dimensions.

SRS-X2 Wireless Speaker

The Sony PumpX wireless speaker is already available for purchase and it can be picked up through online retailers with lower tags.