SonySony Ericsson PXi Mobile Phone designed for lefties

Sony Ericsson PXi Mobile Phone designed for lefties

Today, mobile phones of every type are available in the market. From the youth to the elderly people, mobile phones are made accordingly to everyone’s convenience. It is common knowledge that a majority of the population are right handed. Hence, keeping in mind the convenience for lefties, an independent mobile-concept designer, Bence Bogar especially designed Sony Ericsson PXi for lefties.

Sony Ericsson PXi

PXi is a sleek and ergonomic handset, clad in magnesium, frames a generous huge 3.3-inch touchscreen. Although the handset is meant specifically for all lefties, it is also flexible enough for right handers to use as well.

The right side of the handset houses a jogdial and a secondary touchscreen, catering to all applications that would be running. The PXi screen rotates automatically just like the iPhone and is applicable for both finger and stylus input.

The wonderful device features stereo speakers and a 5-megapixel Cybershot camera. The Sony Ericsson PXi holds 2 card slots giving it an additional feature and making it unique from all handsets. This special feature is added for the users who require memory greater than 8GB.

It is assumed that Bence Bogar himself is lefty; hence he designed this special phone. The rumors of the phone being launched on 6th November have already spread.

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