Sony CP-V3A USB portable charger launched for Rs 1590

Sony has launched a CP-V3A portable charger in India for Rs 1590, for when you can’t get access to a wall outlet for juicing up your smartphone, Cyber-shot camera, Walkman player and so on. It provides for that emergency gulp of power you need to send a work email, make an urgent phone call and what not.

The Sony CP-V3A 3000mAh accessory follows on the line of the previously released 2800mAh model. We’re basically talking a similarly compact body of 38.8 x 99 x 19 millimeters and 86 grams, but with higher battery capacity And in case you want to make sure the backup battery pack matches your device, it comes in six shades including blue, white, black, pink and red.

Sony CP-V3A

The CP-V3A juices up your gadgets via a micro USB cable and it fills up through a USB port or AC-USB adapter. The accessory integrates a Lithium-ion battery made by Sony and it uses the company’s proprietary Hybrid-Gel Technology which apparently permits it to hold on to more than 90 percent of its total capacity through 1000 charging cycles. The device boasts of a 1.5A output capacity.

The Sony CP-V3A portable charger can be picked up via the company’s official retail stores as well as major electronics outlets across India.