Software that Spies on Mobile Phones used widely in Mumbai, India

Spy Mobile Software A new software which allows a person to spy on to other mobile phones and spy on text messages, contacts and even images is on its way, reports leading newspaper DNA. This special spy software even breaks the barriers of password protected phones and engulfs the data that is available.

The software’s name is not yet found, however it is widely being used in Mumbai, India and there are a few cases that the Cyber crime experts and the Mumbai police are trying to crack down.

“We are coming across dozens of such cases everyday. This software costs less than Rs 3,000 compared to the charges of a detective agency (goes up to lakhs). There are some shops, which sell it across the counters too,” said Vijay Mukhi, president of Foundation for Information Security and Technology (FIST). “These spy-wares are employed to monitor business rivals too,” Mukhi added.

The software lurks down on to the mobile phone data and copies down text messages, images and even tracks and records voice conversations. Since this is an illegal activity, using this software is also a punishable offense. If you suspect of someone tracking you down, here’s an advice from Rakesh Maria, joint commissioner (crime) of Mumbai Police as quoted in DNA.

“This is definitely an invasion of your privacy. We have received similar complaints and dealt with them too. The faster you act, the better. It’s not true that the law doesn’t have enough teeth to deal with the offenders. All you need to do is to log on to the anti-cyber crime cell of the Mumbai police and send us an email. We will take care of the rest.”