SmartStudio iPhone App unfurled

SmartStudio iPhone App

Though wedding season isn’t eddying around, but wedding photographers are around-the-clock tied-up with a lot of chores to take care of while capturing perfect pictures. Making things easier, Gorilla Group, LLC has very recently released the new SmartStudio: Wedding Photographer Studio Manager App for wedding photographers.

Creatively designed, the app empowers users to systematize and manage their entire studio from the day a prospective bride calls to the day the final product is delivered all from the iPhone. Now, tracking and managing payments across multiple bookings and payment milestones, capturing prospective clients and managing bookings with details for each booking, is made all possible with immense ease and comfort.

“SmartStudio provides wedding photographers a central location to store and access crucial booking information, payment data and wedding day details that can otherwise be overwhelming to manage – all in the palm of your hand,” stated Ben Harrison, destination wedding photographer and owner of Harrison Studio, LLC.

In fact, the SmartStudio app enables wedding photographers to manage shot lists, package deliverables, itineraries, contacts, crew members, ideas in picture form, and notes. Additionally, the app is integrated with Google Maps which proffers users the ability to navigate via GPS to locations in their itineraries.

The SmartStudio app is now made available in the iTunes App Store.