Slimmer, trimmer selfie with SkinneePix app for those who hate themselves

As if magazines weren’t depressing enough, here’s an app called SkinneePix which will let you click a slimmer and trimmer selfie. OK, so you can argue that having a picture of a thinner version of yourself can motivate you to work out and lose weight. That’s exactly what the names behind the filter, Robin J. Phillips and Sue Green, are saying.

But it all boils down to narcissism and measuring your worth based on your appearance or the way you expect yourself to look in the future. Because honestly, no one’s listening to what the developers of SkinneePix have to say about the application when they download it onto their phones.


Many people struggle with losing weight because of issues other than their diet or lifestyle. It can be pretty depressing to have a photo showing you how much ‘better’ your reflection would be if you shaved a few pounds off. The motivation to lose weight because of some health issue or the other should come from within. An application isn’t going to cut it.

How SkinneePix works:

The app description says it makes you look good and helps you feel good too. In the video posted below, Phillips says it makes her seem lighter and takes off some extra fat. The tool is simply a filter which lets you leave your selfie as it is or take 5 to 15 pounds off your face and neck areas. The results can make you appear gaunt or slimmer depending on your facial features.

Here’s the iTunes link to SkinneePix. It costs $0.99 to download.