Slim Fujitsu F705i Waterproof Handset to launch in Japan

Fujitsu F705i Mobile Phone People often tend to drop their mobile phones in water. Even in the rainy season people tend to wet their mobile phones which then stops working. Thus, Fujitsu has come up with a solution to this as it is offering a water proof mobile phone.

Fujitsu has released the F705i mobile phone in Japan. It is claims to be the slimmest phone ever as well a water proof mobile phone.

The cell phone is just 13.7mm thick which measures 106x49x13.7 mm. It weighs about 111g.

The Fujitsu F705i has 1.3 mega-pixel camera which provides a quick zoom function and adjusts the size of text on the screen with a touch of a button.

The phone which is claims to be a waterproof one is designed in such a way that it works even when immersed in one meter deep water for half an hour.

The other important feature offered by Fujitsu F705i includes Super Clear Voice and Super Clear Mike. This feature adapts the call volume and adjusts itself to suit the background noise while making a call.

The Fujitsu F705i offers 170 minute of talktime or 100 minutes of video calling on a single charge.

The Fujitsu F705i will be made available in Japan. However, there is no word on the price and availability yet.