SoftwareSlacker Personal Radio Mobile App for iPhone Launched

Slacker Personal Radio Mobile App for iPhone Launched

Slacker has launched the Slacker Personal Radio Mobile application for iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch.

Slacker iPhone The free application will enable users across the U.S. to tune in and enjoy music over 10,000 artist stations, 100 expert-programmed Slacker stations as well as let listen to unlimited number of their own custom-created stations.

Jonathan Sasse, SVP of Marketing for Slacker says, “Our primary goal is to deliver the best listening experience in as many places as possible; we believe that the release of Slacker Radio delivers the best radio and music discovery application available for the iPhone.”

The Slacker Mobile application provides the iPhone and iPod Touch users a bundle of features such as over 100 professionally programmed genre stations, custom stations based on artists or songs to tune in. It also inherits a free music library. The radio application empowers high-quality stereo playback via wireless connection as well as it enables users to view artist biographies, photos, album art and reviews.

The iPhone and iPod Touch users have an easy access to personal radio stations and can enjoy unlimited music without managing a play lists or sharing songs from PC. Slacker Mobile application packs ‘Peek Ahead’ that enables to preview artist and album and one can also rate their favorite song. The application facilities users to skip and pause songs while listening to it as well as ban the artist and the song he or she dislikes entirely.

The iPhone and iPod Touch owners can download the application for free via the Apple iTunes App Store and can also visit Slacker website using the iPhone.

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