Skype mobile App dazzles Verizon Wireless handsets

Skype mobile With the exciting holiday season hovering around, family and friends both near and far can reconnect and celebrate with each other. Skype mobile can now be accessed on over 20 Verizon Wireless phones, including select prepaid smartphones.

Users can snap up a data package to make unlimited Skype-to-Skype calls to Mexico, Southeast Asia and anywhere else in the world. The app enables handset owners to seamlessly enjoy several services on their mobile phones without any interruption since Skype mobile is ‘always on’.

This remarkable service is available on few prepaid smartphones and users can benefit from a great option for international calling at low Skype rates. Offering an easy-to-use interface, the application sports drop-down menu, flags for international dialing and ‘refer a friend’ options.

This new offering breaks open language barriers since individuals can enjoy this service in Spanish, Korean and simple Chinese. The Pantech Crux, LG Octane and Samsung Zeal flaunt this new Skype mobile application.

The app can be downloaded from the Verizon Wireless official website.