Skype hits Verizon Wireless’ Palm Pre 2

Skype Palm Pre 2

It hasn’t been long since we saw Skype announcing its Mobile Program Partners. Sure enough the video calling company seems to have taken things forward. Specifically, the Palm Pre 2 smartphone through Verizon Wireless gets some much needed Skype loving.

This offering is said to be the latest in line among the company’s efforts to offer its video calling service to as many mobile devices as possible according to the official Skype blog. Nothing out of the ordinary here with the Skype application integrated in the Palm Pre 2 coughing up support for free calls to friends and family.

There is obviously also the regular value-for-money calls to landlines and mobiles across borders too. Through Skype, handset owners will be able to send IMs to other users, irrespective of their location as well.

More recently we’d seen Verizon run up in a muddle for its apparent drop of 911 calls during the January blizzard. This new addition to the wide services in its portfolio should hopefully remedy a few things at least. is all it will take users to get started with the Skype application on their Verizon Palm Pre.