SignalBooster released for BlackBerry smartphones

Blackberry Boost Signal

Weak radio signals can certainly be a major put off for handset users. Well, BlackBerry consumers have an opportunity to flaunt their smartphone minus any signal glitches. In a recent announcement it was revealed that all BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry OS 4.6 and higher can now acquire the SignalBooster application. As the name suggests, the tool is designed to improve a weak radio signal and enable users to enjoy crisp clear voice call quality even in rural areas.

The comprehensive solution has been crafted specifically to optimize the radio signal strength anywhere across the globe for BlackBerry smartphone models. With the help of SignalBooster, a radio signal can apparently be enhanced by almost 60 percent. On employing the application every day users can enjoy cellular network with a high quality connection even in places where it was not available due to default. Thanks to it, BlackBerry smartphone consumers are now assured of stronger signal strength and crisp, uninterrupted conversation.

The software solution comes minus any hardware to install or configure. It is accompanied by a visual main screen for full overview over the current radio signal status. The app offers detailed statistical data of each signal boost picked up to visualize signal improvement. Tracking down each and every achieved signal helps understand the efficiency of the application.

SignalBooster can be obtained from the BlackBerry App World and all major mobile content platforms.