Sidekick Slide temporarily discontinued by T-Mobile USA over power issues

Sidekick Slide Device

As reported in October end, the Sidekick Slide device was made available in the US via T-Mobile. Now, T-Mobile USA has decided to temporarily discontinue the Sidekick Slide from its website due to power issues.

The Motorola-manufactured Sidekick Slide device shuts off when the slide on the phone is opened or closed.

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According to T-Mobile, the company is taking action to ensure that help is offered to customers so that they receive devices which will perform at their peak, allowing them to stay connected to those who matter most.

Motorola, the Sidekick Slide mobile phone’s manufacturer is currently working to spot the root cause of the power cycle issue. However, the T-Mobile SidekickLX and the SidekickiD are not affected by this problem.

The users who have already purchased the Sidekick Slide and are facing problems with regards to the power cycle can contact T-Mobile Customer Care or can visit the T-Mobile retail store and avail assistance and discuss available options.

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T-Mobile is offering good customer care service to the users who have reported this problem by offering them a free upgrade to Blue Sidekick LX with express shipping free of cost.