Short Order Cook iPhone game tests memory

Short Order Cook

This iPhone game is for those yenning to test their memory. Zero Emission has rolled out a new iPhone game called Short Order Cook.

This is a fast-paced casual game that may tutor users’ memory and confront their skills of recognition. This game has been designed to encompass a universal appeal. In Short Order Cook, at the beginning of every level a food picture on a kitchen ticket and its corresponding tile are exposed for a limited amount of time.

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Once the tiles are turned over, the test is to remember the position of the matching pairs as rapidly and as accurate as possible. After all pairs of photos have been disclosed, the player has to properly choose the matching tile for every kitchen ticket when it flips over. As the game advances, the level of difficulty will augment and more kitchen tickets would be required to be matched to finish a level.

The game encompasses more than 50 unique food pictures. Moreover, it includes original music and sound effects. Users can play for as long as they like as the game comes with numerous levels. Players can choose between practice and competition modes. There are different modes ranging from beginner to utmost difficulty. Also, it is OpenFeint enabled.

Short Order Cook is available on the iTunes for download at a special introductory cost of $0.99.

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