Sennheiser brings in customized headsets for Nokia and iPhone users

Sennheiser MM50 and MM60 Headsets Sennheiser communications the world’s leading manufacturer of sound and audio solutions is out with two new innovative and exciting ranges of MM series headsets. These devices are intended expressly for Nokia and iPhone users. This new collection will lead to the production of new generation mobile phone headsets that will create an all new sound experience with its exceptional clarity.

The MM 50 designed for Nokia and the MM 60 for the iPhone users are the two new models included in the MM range. The MM 50 is attributed with superior dynamic range and bass response. Three different ear sleeves ensure a comfortable listening experience. The design of the ear canal ensures effective noise blocking. An integrated in-line microphone exists for answering calls. The headphones have a frequency range of between 18000 to 22000 Hz. They have an asymmetrical cable attached and are well-matched with four poled, 3.5mm stereo plug. They include a two year guarantee from the date of purchase. The microphone is graced with a frequency range from 80-15000 Hz and an Omni directional pick up pattern.

The MM 60 arrives at different and dynamic headset models for Nokia and iPhone users. Consumers can enjoy exceptional sound quality, thanks to the terrific sound reproduction. Sporting an award winning foldable design, this lightweight headband is very comfortable and has split padding, perfect for people who enjoy their music while on the go. The headset comes with a 1.1 mm cable length and four poled 3.5mm jack plug. The frequency range of the head phone is 15- 27000 Hz and it has an Omni directional pick up pattern. The headset can be easily stored in a specifically designed carry case.

The price attached to the MM 50 and MM 60 series is Rs. 4490.00 – Rs. 4990.00 respectively.