Scosche Realm over-ear and in-ear headphones arrive for music lovers

Scosche Realm Headphones

Scosche launches its Realm range encompassing RH1056md, RH1056m over-ear headphones and IEM856md, IEM856m in-ear monitors. This array of headphones, along with being iPhone certified, incorporate Scosche’s tapLINE III control surface and mic. So, users can directly attend to calls, tweak volume and skip tracks without having to turn to their handsets.

The RH1056md and RH1056m are the same over-ear headphones, where-in the former is dipped in black while the latter is available in white. These collapsible headphones incorporate 40mm drivers, precision wound copper voice coils and rare earth neodymium magnets. These help the device in delivering quality sound irrespective of the genre that’s being played. Plus, its Viscoelastic memory foam takes the shape of the listener’s ear making it comfortable to be worn for long stretch of hours.

The Realm IEM856md (black) and IEM856m (white) in-ear monitors possess a bi-hybrid motor structure with 10.7mm drivers, which are included to deliver low frequencies. While the 6.3mm drivers are integrated to deliver high and mid frequencies allowing users to enjoy clear and crisp sounds. Also, these in-ear monitors come with hypoallergenic silicone ear cushions, which fulfill the same function as their counterpart’s Viscoelastic memory foam.

These Scosche Realm headphones and in-ear monitors are bundled with thermoform case, tapLINE clothing clip and PC adapter for gaming and VoIP. In addition to this, the over-ear headphones bring along two gold plated audio cables, a gold plated 3.5mm to ¼ inch adapter and a travel pouch along with a cleaning cloth. Also, the in-ear monitors are packaged with a leather pouch. Plus small, medium and large, single and dual flanged ear cushions are incorporated enabling listeners’ to reduce ambient noise up to 35dB.

The Scosche Realm over-ear headphones and in-ear monitors are obtainable at, Fry’s, J & R Retail locations and other fine store for $229.99 and $249.99 MSRP, respectively.