Other BrandsSaygus Android Smartphone with Two-Way Video Calling unleashed

Saygus Android Smartphone with Two-Way Video Calling unleashed

Saygus VPhone

Putting forth its incredibly impressive innovation, Saygus has recently taken the cover off its brand-new VPhone, an Android equipped smartphone with two-way video calling capability at the International CES, 2010.

The highly-advanced device is anticipated to be available as a CDMA handset with a major North American wireless carrier. Looming in as an Android-based phone, the Saygus VPhone features a 5-megapixel main camera with auto focus and flash alongside a VGA forward-facing camera for video calling. Offering a host of entrancing features, the phone includes Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth tethering enabling up to eight devices in order to connect as an access point.

“The Saygus VPhone is the first two-way cellular video calling phone in the U.S. and the only full-featured Android phone available with two-way video calling,” stated Chad Sayers, CEO of Saygus. “It’s exciting to brush shoulders with all of the great wireless handset manufacturers here at CES and to see that the VPhone measures up to these other incredible mobile handsets.”

In addition, it comes integrated with USB host and client capability, slide out keyboard with a large keypad and raised keys for fast and easy typing, larger battery to provide up to four hours of video calling and seven hours of talk time alongside screen resolution twice that of the iPhone.

Further, the VPhone has capably achieved two-way cellular video calls at 24 to 30 frames per second in phenomenal resolution with the help of its proprietary low bandwidth video calling technology.

The Saygus VPhone is anticipated to be available in the United States soon. The pricing details are under the wraps for now.

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