GeneralSatLav- a new way to find Toilets, rolled out in London

SatLav- a new way to find Toilets, rolled out in London

SatLav Toilet Search through SMS SatLav has introduced a service for the people of London who are in hurry and looking out for nearby restrooms.

Westminster City Council has offered an SMS service to the Britishers to find public toilets through their mobile phones for just 50 cents.

The system has 40 public toilets which can help the travelers find nearby restrooms by just typing ‘Toilet’ and sending the message to 80097.

An instant text message is received by the user to locate the nearest public toilet.

Student Gail Knight, 26 commented, “When I’m out with friends, we’re always ducking into McDonalds or department stores to use their loos. But we feel a bit bad about it.”

She added, “I thought a text service would be really useful for people on the move.”

The reason to start this service is to cut down street urination.

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