Samsung SHW-A250 sails to South Korea

Samsung SHW-A250

After the release of Nori, an adorable Samsung device in South Korea the company has come up with something new for the South Korea’s citizens. According to Samsung Hub this new device is dubbed as Samsung SHW-A250 and appears to be a Corby look-a-like for the South Korean mobile industry. Painters often illustrate the same muse in different scenarios, attempting to capture her beauty comprehensively. It seems that with this new handset, Samsung is trying a similar feat.

This device seems to sport a 2.8” touchscreen display coupled with a 2MP camera. Packed in with country-specific attributes like T-DMB, subway maps and SOS, the handset has a phonebook capacity of 5000 contacts. It offers tons of storage space with a memory slot for 16GB microSD cards. Additionally, there is word in the mobile terrain that it will also feature a media player.

The Samsung SHW-A250 is expected to reach South Korean shores through two network carriers namely SKT and KT. The KT version will come in white, pink, brown, and black, whereas the SKT variant comes only dressed in black and white. The device is retailing in the country for 500,000 won which is equivalent to $423.