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Samsung claims it’s still on top in India in reaction to ‘Micromax is No. 1’ claims

Just a week back, a research firm announced that Samsung India had lost its spot as the leading mobile phone maker in Q2 2014 to Micromax. Well, the company hasn’t taken the information lying down and has responded stating the claims to be untrue and that it still holds the top position in the mobile market.

Samsung’s President and Chief Executive for South-West Asia, BD Park, has disclosed this information to The Economic Times and has also stated that the company still holds a market share of almost 50%. And in the smartphone category, it apparently has a market share that’s twice the amount of the next competitor’s, which is obviously Micromax.

This information shared by BD Park was based on the company’s internal research and data form an undisclosed firm. He also went on to suggest the possibility of there being ‘some business motive behind release of such kind of data.’ The report which was published by Counterpoint Technology last week disclosed that Micromax managed to earn the top spot in India for Q2.

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However, CMR (CyberMedia Research) disclosed that the South Korean conglomerate was still in the lead, but the gap between it and the second place holder was slowly closing. While this data is highly contradictory, both research companies are sticking to their findings. Then there’s the India-based GfK which disclosed that Samsung possessed a smartphone market share of 42.5% with the overall total being 40.5%.

Even if Samsung India continues to reign supreme in the Indian smartphone market, Micromax and other OEMs are still trying their best to overtake the giant. And who knows, we might even see that happen in the near future with the Korean company slowly losing its pace.