Samsung MBP200 Projector For Mobile Phones Unveiled

Samsung MBP200 projector for mobile phones

Samsung rolls out an award winning accessory for mobile phones, MBP200 Pico Projector. The light weight projector will enable you to watch videos and images captured on nearby surface. The projector comprises wide range of functionalities and proves to be a useful device for mobile phones.

The MBP200 projector has the capability to show images and videos on a 50 inch screen. You will now enjoy viewing videos on large wide screen instead of phone’s small screen. It is compatible with laptops and mobile phones and uses Texas DLP pico chip. The design of the projector is very simple and integrates touch controls on its side for easy and instant navigations.

The projector also has a 2.2 inch QVGA LCD screen for viewing small size videos and images. The device supports Microsoft office and PDF formats, this will help you during presentations and will reduce the burden of carrying laptops. Well it’s not just a projector that displays videos and images on large screen but it will also entertain you with its integrated multimedia features. It projects excellent high quality videos.

The MBP200 projector supports various music formats like MP3, WMA, AAC, WMA, DivX and many more. In addition to this it comes with a 3.5mm standard jack and built-in speakers. It weighs about 160 grams and it’s a very compact device that can be carried along easily. It can support storage capacity up to 16 GB.

The Samsung MBP200 projector for mobile phones is expected to hit the market by this year. The pricing details for the wonderful projector are not yet known.