SamsungSamsung M4650 enters Touch-screen world

Samsung M4650 enters Touch-screen world

Samsung M4650 touch-screen mobile phone After the successful debut of the iPhone in the United States, touch screen mobile phones have become very popular in the high-end market. No matter, if people use it for listening to music, checking e-mails and for casual Web surfing. Matching a recent trend, Samsung Electronics is launching its first touch-screen called the “M4650 the Multi-Touch Phone”.

The form factor of the full Internet-browsing mobile phone includes 2.8-inch LCD screen which doubles as a keypad. This handset screen is smaller than the iPhone’s 3.5-inch display, and hence a stylus pen can be used.

During the time of release, Samsung said “The smartphone market is getting bigger in other countries thanks to the development of the wireless Internet infrastructure. We hope that the Multi-Touch phone will stimulate the smartphone market in Korea as well.”

The company in Korea is preparing the Windows Mobile 6-based touchphone for the device’s domestic market. It goes along with the other mobile phones being a keyless and finger-friendly input that LG, HTC, Apple and others have adopted recently.

This “Multi-touch Phone” M4650 will be available via LG Telecom for something in the range of 500,000 won (about $550), excluding rebates from the mobile carrier.

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