Samsung Instinct Touch-Screen Phone hops on to Sprint

Sprint's Samsung Instinct Samsung surely loves limelight as Sprint proudly launches the Samsung Instinct touch-screen phone to its customers. The large touchscreen phone works on the same technology as the Samsung Anycall Haptic phone.
The Samsung Instinct touch-screen phone measuring 2.17 x 4.57 x 0.49 inches holds its head high in the air with amazing features as GPS navigation, TV and web browser. As per Haptic technology which means ‘touch related’, the phone gives you a feeling of typing while operating its touchscreen QWERTY keypad. To enhance the experience of touch, the Samsung Instinct also provides voice activation features where one can make/receive calls, send text/picture messaging, access traffic, movie, sports, news and search.

Now Sprint customers will be able to download music tracks for 99 cents each through the Sprint Music Store using the Samsung Instinct touch-screen phone. If music does not excite you, then just hop on to the Sprint TV feature and avail of the live TV and on-demand entertainment function.

There is no clarity about the pricing of the Samsung Instinct touch-screen phone as yet; however there are plans in the pipeline to provide this sleek phone on a special unlimited data plan of $69.99 per month via Sprint.