Samsung Instinct HD gets the OtterBox Commuter Series protective shield

OtterBox Commuter Case Those who find their Samsung Instinct HD far too precious can now shield it from the evils of dust and scratches. OtterBox has announced the Commuter Series case to keep the Instinct looking ever-so-shiny and new. The Commuter Series is said to be the preferred choice by users who want to protect their phones and display the cutting-edge technology of the phone.

The case is made of silicone and polycarbonate elements that vow to keep the phone safe and secure. The Custom-made case is composed of three durable layers of protection which starts with the self-adhering screen protector, followed by the silicone layer and lastly the polycarbonate layer. These layers help the phone withstand bumps, scratches and shocks.

OtterBox CEO Curt Richardson commented on the series by saying that, “We pride ourselves on making reliable protection for technology while still respecting the look of the device. The Commuter Series for the Samsung Instinct HD is a perfect example of a slender yet sturdy safeguard.”

The case measures 4.78” x 2.45” x 0.67” and weighs about 36.29 grams. The case has been made available for a price tag of $34.95.