Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge to be introduced in India on Monday

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge may be coming to India this Monday, but don’t expect to lay hands on either one of the smartphones right away. It’s just the official launch that’s scheduled for March 23 and the actual release date falls in the second week of April. Another interesting bit of news has to do with the price details of these devices.

If you’re itching to lay your paws on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, its 64GB version is likely to cost upwards of Rs 70000, while the 32GB variant of the Galaxy S6 could be pegged at more than Rs 55000. These rates are an unofficial estimate (and do not include taxes applicable in India) based on the fact that the handsets are tagged at £759.99 and £599.99, respectively in the UK.


Samsung has definitely brought the oomph to its flagship series with the unveiling of its Galaxy S6 Edge carrying a curved, three-sided display. The look is undeniably fresh and gives Android fans an iPhone-level option to hanker after purely in terms of aesthetics. And it’s not like the specifications are completely at odds with the amount you’ll be paying for any of these new Galaxy handsets.

In-depth: All you want to know about the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

The plainer Galaxy S6 which embeds a regular, flat screen is stuffed with the same features as its handsomer cousin on most counts. The highlights have been listed below, as you can see. Samsung has ditched the microSD card slot for adding extra space so that the higher capacity versions are what hoarders will need. Gone are the removable battery and water-resistant capability too.


As we’ve already mentioned above, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and its sibling will hit availability in India starting from the second week of April, according to a previous leak.