SamsungSamsung Galaxy S4 mini may turn up with four variants say sources

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini may turn up with four variants say sources

Whenever the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini plans to embark on a journey, it might arrive disguised in four different avatars. This should sound familiar, considering variants of the compact S3 had also been segregated based on similar grounds.

Naturally, the Galaxy S4 mini is said to be launching in single and dual SIM variants, an assumption made even in the past. Over and above this, a model might have been constructed for LTE-bound networks and one particularly for China Mobile.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Variants

Our previous report had mentioned the single SIM variant to apparently be carrying a GT-I9190 model number. Judging by the company’s history of christening its device, the dual SIM model should be smeared with a tag of GT-I9192. While the unit meant for LTE regions could translate as GT-I9195, the China Mobile-specific piece may be identified as GT-I9198.

Now we could brush this off as any other rumor with no concrete backing. But, a post on Unwired View declares that the source of this information is a Twitter account named @st7761, which has stumbled upon the news trough one of the company’s official websites.

Front Profile

Let’s run through the speculated specifications that had poured in together with some of the device’s leaked images, a couple of days ago. With a purported 1.6GHz dual core processor for furnishing it with the speed required for multitasking, the smartphone is moreover rumored to be running the Android 4.2.2 OS out of the box.

Across a display computing up to 4.3 inches could supposedly be a TW Nature UX 2.0 user interface. The handset is also estimated to have a Super AMOLED touchscreen just like the manufacturer’s most recent flagship, but it will be encompassing a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels as opposed to the latter’s full HD display.


Either June or July may be the months in which the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini has been slated to be unveiled. With 3 to 4 months to go for the anticipated launch, we doubt the price and release details for the device will be taking the leap anytime soon. Nevertheless, we plan on rendering more information whenever they stride before us.

Comparison With GS4

Expected specifications:

– Processor: 1.6GHz dual core
– OS: Android 4.2.2
– Display: 4.3-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen
– Resolution: 540 x 960 pixels
– User interface: TW Nature UX 2.0
– Variants: Single and dual SIM, LTE-equipped in addition to China Mobile-specific

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