Samsung exec says Tizen phones and Android Wear smartwatch landing in 2014

Samsung and it’s rocky relationship with Google continues, with a top executive saying that Tizen phones and an Android Wear smartwatch will be arriving in late 2014. Not to be judgmental or anything, but it looks like Samsung wants to stay under the shade of the money tree that is Android and still attempt to grow a viable Tizen business while it has Google’s OS to fall back on.

It’s the eternal dilemma of trying to get rich off the next big thing or give people what they want by continuing to churn out Android products. Samsung seems happy to juggle both. It already gave Google’s mobile OS a chance on its Galaxy Gear smartwatches and then dropped the software in favor of Tizen on its Gear 2 refresh.

Android Wear

Samsung won’t be able to avoid Google’s newly announced Android Wear platform for gadgets you can have closer to your person than a phone or tablet. LG and Motorola have already declared allegiance to the software with the G Watch and Moto 360, respectively. As VentureBeat hints with reference to a post on Reuters, the South Korean company was forced to do the same.

The specifics on the upcoming gadgets are not clear right now. It’s possible that the brand simply felt pressured into revealing its intention of offering Android Wear gear given that Google unveiled the platform last month. It’s not ready to leave its comfortable nest right now, especially when its flagship, the Galaxy S5, would have been impossible without Android.

We’re thinking that clubbing the announcement of an Android Wear smartwatch and Tizen phones in the pipeline may have been a way of telling everyone to expect exciting things from the company in 2014.