Samsung and Microsoft team up to bring Windows Phone 7 phones

Samsung Windows Phone 7

Just yesterday, Samsung pulled out its Symbian Service support informing its developers that the forum will shut by December 30. The company has now signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft, related to the manufacturing of Windows Phone 7 devices for the UK.

The handset manufacturer company proposes to introduce several Windows Phone 7 phones in the U.S, Europe and Asia by the end of this year. It has decided to incorporate the Windows Phone 7 platform along with some related application software in its smartphone portfolio.

Combining Samsung’s hardware innovation and design with Microsoft’s software legacy, the smartphones running on Windows Phone 7 will have a plethora of attributes to offer. These handsets will integrate several Microsoft products including Xbox Live, Office, Bing, Windows Live and Zune. The Windows Phone 7 experience is touted to be consumer centric, wherein they can access all the services, information and data they require the most.