Reliance Now Offers Yahoo Content for Mobile Phones

Reliance Logo As you know, consumers can use Yahoo! content on all GSM mobile phones. So, how can CDMA mobile phones stay behind. Now, Reliance mobile users will be able to access Yahoo!content like news, finance and weather and even flickr photos.

The agreement with the telecom service provider and the global Internet firm offers Reliance customers to browse Yahoo! oneSearch to view or download web images, web content, answers and Wikipedia on their handsets which powered by WAP, Java and Brew on CDMA and GSM networks.

According to Reliance, Yahoo oneSearch offers consumers an experience designed for mobile phone by delivering relevant results and instant answers in a user-friendly interface, even when the user is traveling without computers connected to the internet.

This tie-up will enable the users to experience search on their mobile phones. It will also offer Yahoo mail and messenger which have already been a part of service for lat two years.