Reliance Jio’s new Vivo Jio Cricket Mania offer gives away 168GB of free 4G data

Reliance Jio and Vivo have joined hands for a new Vivo Jio Cricket Mania offer which promises to give away up to 168GB of free 4G data. Registrations are currently open and will go on till 10 May 2017.

To participate, you must have a Vivo smartphone and Reliance Jio SIM card. You’ll have to send an SMS to a number disclosing your chosen IPL team. The amount of data you get is entirely dependent on how that team fares in the tournament. A win guarantees 3GB of data, a draw 2GB, and a loss 1GB.

If your team passes through to the qualifiers and finals, Jio will double and triple, respectively, your 4G data. If it wins, then the telecom operator will quadruple the amount. Accordingly, the brand claims that you could win 168GB of data if your side wins all matches.

Vivo Jio Cricket Mania

The free data won’t be given at once though. Instead, it’ll be distributed over the next 10 recharges as data boosters which will function on top of your current pack’s validity. There’s a slight catch here, since Reliance states that you have to commit to 10 recharges of Rs 303 or above to qualify for the benefits in this offer.

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Any lower and you won’t get the free data. Moreover, if you register for the Vivo Jio Cricket Mania offer after 30 April, your total complimentary 4G data will be reduced down by 50%. This won’t happen if you sign up before 30 April.

You can check out more about the Vivo Jio Cricket Mania offer here.