Reliance Jio site begins taking 4G trial registrations

Reliance Jio has finally launched its official website in India and is now taking up registrations for network trials of its 4G platform. The telecom operator still hasn’t kickstarted the commercial rollout of its LTE services yet.

The launch of the Reliance Jio site indicates that its 4G launch isn’t that far away. You’ll have to submit personal details like your name, number and address to register for the brand’s trials. The company has also outed a number of apps alongside the website’s debut, with most of them now up for download via the App Store and Play Store.

Reliance Jio

The new Reliance apps include JioOnDemand, JioDrive, MyJio, JioChat, JioSecurity, JioXpressNews, JioBeats, JioMags, JioMoney, JioJoin, and JioPlay. The player is clearly looking to overtake a user’s phone with its home-grown applications. It’s also been releasing a steady stream of its 4G-ready Lyf handsets for the past few months to get smartphones into the hands of the budget-conscious.

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The stage is now set for the arrival of Reliance Jio’s LTE network. Previous reports have predicted that the debut of the platform will likely shake-up the telecom industry and make 4G connectivity accessible to a wider audience. The company has been testing the platform with its employees for months now.

Jio expanded its 4G trials via an invite system last month. Under the terms and conditions of the deal, a staff member would be able to share an invitation with up to 10 people. These individuals would then have to buy a Lyf handset in order to get free unlimited 4G voice and data access for 3 months.