RedEye Universal Remote Control System for iPhone

RedEye Remote Control A unique accessory was recently added to the list of ‘iPhone friendly’ gadgets. The RedEye Universal remote control system for iPhone enables users to control virtually any home entertainment device from any room at home.

The Apple device communicates with the RedEye base station by means of the customer’s wireless network to control TVs, DVRs, stereos, gaming equipment and others. Moreover, the RedEye base station also acts as a charging dock.

“We wanted to create something more than just another remote control. Internet connectivity and future software updates give us a lot of room to think big,” stated Matt Eagar, president and co-founder of ThinkFlood.

The iPhone accessory supports multiple rooms, controllers, and users simultaneously. The universal remote control features activity-based control, suggesting that users can program RedEye to perform a series of commands just with one touch. Interestingly, only the buttons appropriate to the activity emerge on the screen.

The RedEye remote control system for iPhone can be purchased from ThinkFlood’s official website for $188. Further, users can also download the RedEye app from the Apple iTunes App Store for free.