SonyReddit's Getting A TikTok-Style Video Feed

Reddit’s Getting A TikTok-Style Video Feed

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Short-form video content is toast of the town in the tech world and Reddit can no longer stay out of the fray. The platform has announced plans to update its app UI with two new feeds; one of them allowing you to scroll through videos endlessly, as you do on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Currently, the Reddit app features a drop-down menu that allows you to control the kind of content you’d like to see on your feed.

The four options you can choose from include, Home (top content from the subscribed subreddits), Popular (top posts irrespective of your subscriptions), News (news articles), and Latest (latest submissions to your subscribed subreddits).

With the new update, the Reddit UI will add two more options to this menu. The first one is called Read and will only show text-based posts, thus eliminating posts with photos or videos. And the second one, of course, is Watch, the video-focused feed to satisfy your doomscrolling habits.

A few more features are headed the app’s way as well. Among them is the ability to search within post comments. It’s a simple yet much-demanded attribute that allows you to type keywords in the search bar to receive a view of the comments that include them.

These being the updates reserved for Reddit’s mobile apps, the company has also promised new features for its web platform. All these changes are part of Reddit’s efforts to increase its user base by making it easier to use for everyone.

“By focusing on the core tenets of Reddit, new and existing users coming to Reddit will be greeted by better experiences and options to discover new and interesting content and communities in uncluttered spaces,” says Pali Bhat, Chief Product Officer of Reddit.

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