SonyReddit Talk Is Another Clubhouse Rival Among The Many

Reddit Talk Is Another Clubhouse Rival Among The Many

Reddit Talk

Reddit Talk has emerged as the newest audio-only chatting platform rivalling iOS-only Clubhouse. It joins multiple similar products that have been deployed to counter the high popularity being enjoyed by Clubhouse lately. Reddit Talk hasn’t been launched yet, but its features have been detailed in an official post by the website.

“Currently, you can use text threads, images, videos, chats, and live streams to have conversations and hang out with people in your communities. While these are great mediums, there are other times where having a live audio talk may be more useful or, frankly, more fun. So we want to partner with you to explore a new way for community members to communicate with each other,” Reddit’s product lead for creators said.

Reddit Talks will be part of communities or subreddits and initially, only mods will be allowed to start them. Any Redditor from the community can join to listen in and react with emojis, while they will also be able to raise their hand for the host to invite them to speak. Hosts will be allowed to invite, mute, and remove speakers during a talk.

According to Reddit, Talks can be used for AMAs, lectures, sports-radio-style discussions, feedback sessions, or giving community members a place to hang out. Once they are over, the posts for those talks will be preserved with upvote counts and comments, however, their content won’t be available to listen to again.

Recently, even Facebook announced its own Clubhouse rival, while Discord and Twitter have already deployed their clones on their platforms. Spotify, Slack, and Telegram are also working on similar services right now.

A launch date hasn’t been revealed for Reddit Talks but you can join the waiting list by registering on this link.

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