Q&A site Quora discloses app for iPhone

Quora App

The question and answer social site, Quora, has announced the release of its new app for the iPhone. The Quora app possesses almost all the functionalities of its parent website and allows users to read their feed and search for questions. They are enabled to add questions, answers and posts as well as check notifications. Users can also ask questions across a wide horizon of more than 60,000 topics and receive answers from experts.

Placed at the bottom of users’ feed, the Shuffle feature has been enhanced for the mobile platform. As its name suggests, the feature shuffles various queries and picks up any random question among them. Users of the application are allowed to follow questions and vote on answers while on the move.

Utilizing data from the most recent topic location feature, the new Nearby feature lets iPhone users browse features on a map. The questions can either be about them or regarding places in their vicinity.

Providing answers to questions regarding varied subjects such as technology, movies, music, travel, health, law, etc., the app comes incorporated with push notifications that offer new answers to users’ recently asked questions and an enhanced search option featuring brisk autosuggest. Reportedly the development of this app focused on delivering speed and supporting content consumption as well as inspiring more of local questions and answers.

The Quora app for iPhone can now be downloaded for free from the Apple Store.