GamesPune-based firm's Lok Sabha 2014 online game preys on election fever gripping India

Pune-based firm’s Lok Sabha 2014 online game preys on election fever gripping India

3662 people have already played Pune-based Neeti Solutions’ cleverly timed release, an online game themed around Lok Sabha 2014. Called MeraPMKaun, the game has been planted at just the right time when the election fever is gripping the whole of India and everyone is wondering who the next Prime Minister will be.

India’s Lok Sabha elections set for April to May, will be the landmark event of 2014 seeing as the results will determine which political party is to rule the nation for the next five years. Understandably, tensions are running high and everyone has an opinion to air about their favorite Prime Ministerial candidate.

Lok Sabha 2014 Online Game

So you know why we’re saying that the MeraPMKaun game is cleverly timed. Here’s what to expect when you hit Play:

You have to first sign in by offering basic details such as your gender and age, the last mentioned being vaguely classified into Kid, Youth, Adult and Senior Citizen. Well, we guess it’s your mental age that matters here. So never mind that the developers couldn’t be bothered with specific age brackets.

Tip: If you recognize that the game’s page loads to Gangnam Style playing in the background, you’d probably want to click on Youth. You will also need to fill in the name of your country, state/province and city/town/village. The gameplay is simple enough and requires click-and-drag actions.


There’s the Prime Minister’s chair at the center with a Burning Issue like inflation, India’s global positioning, entrepreneur encouragement and so on setting it aflame. You need to click on the fireball and then drag it to the left, right or bottom depending on whether you think Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi or Arvind Kejriwal/others, respectively, can solve it.

At the end of the short Lok Sabha 2014 game, you will be shown the results of your choices as well as other players’ opinions. All of this is just for kicks, though we think it may provide some valuable fodder for pre-election speculations. Here’s the link to the page.

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