Proporta’s New Aluminium-lined Leather Sheepskin Case for the iPhone

Black and Pink Aluminium lined leather case Everyone loves their phone and wants to protect it from scratches and damage. Proporta has released Aluminium-lined leather sheepskin case ideal for the iPhone.

The new Proporta Aluminium-Lined Leather Case combines the classic styling of a soft, luxurious Leather case with the rigid protection of Aluminium and also features the new “Screen Saver” system for the handset.

The Proporta case allows the iPhone to be slotted in and out easily. Locking in place by snugly fitting between three clips rather than anything solid or permanent, this simply means that there is no hassle in operating the phone no matter if the cover stays on the phone or not.

The case has a small hole in the front and back for the camera to peek through and when it is closed the case doesn’t interrupt the headphone jack.

At a glance the case might look like a soft looking shell from the outside, however it is actually lined with aluminium giving it a tougher-than-it-looks strength.

Although the Proporta case had no official release, it is available. The Proporta iPhone case are seen in black and pink colors, at £26.95