Project Outernet’s success could mean free internet access around the globe

If all goes as planned for Media Development Investment Fund or MDIF and they set up Outernet in space, everyone on earth will be able to access the web for free. The organization calls Project Outernet, world’s first truly global media delivery service.

According to a blog post on MDIF’s official website, a network of small satellites will be used to transmit select internet content that includes apps, text, videos and audio to people across the globe without charging them a single penny. It goes without saying that it can be used on any Wi-Fi-enabled devices. This will bring internet to places where it hasn’t reached as yet, due to geographical or monetary issues.

Project Outernet

If the guys who are working on the project are to be believed, Outernet is nothing but a modern version of shortwave radio. As it will be beamed out from space, we can expect it to bypass censorship and even ensure privacy. It looks forward to doing away with the global information divide, considering that in spite of there being more internet-enabled devices than people, about 40 percent of global citizens do not have access to the web.

And what’s more, this unidirectional information network is likely to come in handy during global emergencies or natural disasters. Project Outernet’s goal is to bring a basic level of information to every person on earth. You can visit this website to know more about the project and how it works.