PrivacyStar App augments safety for Android with new SMS text blocking feature

PrivacyStar Android

First Orion has accumulated a lot of appreciation for the remarkable PrivacyStar app for BlackBerry and Android smartphones. The company innovates further with the latest text blocking capability for Android.

PrivacyStar offers utmost safety as users can seamlessly block unwanted calls. Moreover users can block individual numbers or the entire area code. The newest feature enhances safety factor since users can restrict unwanted text messages. They can also block unnecessary spam from telemarketers who use the internet or VoIP to create mobile spam.

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“The ability to block SMS text messages and carrier billing are two of the top requests we receive from the PrivacyStar community,” comemnted Jeff Stalnaker, CEO of First Orion. “Therefore we are happy to introduce text message blocking for our Android users and very soon an easy way for AT&T and T-Mobile PrivacyStar subscribers to subscribe to our service. We will continue to listen to our subscribers about the features and functionality they want.”

Offering an easy-to-use interface, the app offers SMS text message blocking feature which intuitively avoids unwanted SMSs. Previously, PrivacyStar app allured users with various calling blocking features like caller ID, caller lookup, smartblock, do not disturb and web portal.

The app can now be enjoyed for free with a no risk free 7-day trial period. Thereafter, users can purchase the app for $2.99 each month or for discounted semi-annual and annual periods. The app can be downloaded from the Android Market or the official website.

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