Power Pad 16 USB charging station juices 16 iOS devices simultaneously

Power Pad 16

The newly unveiled Power Pad 16 USB charging station could serve as a problem solver for companies or professionals who use many iOS devices at a go. This offering would also come in quite handy when dealing with the shortage of ports to power multiple iPad and iPhone gadgets. The device is capable of powering up to 16 Apple devices at the same time.

Developed by Datamation Systems, the Power Pad 16 is said to be ideal for busy professionals as well as companies, schools, businesses and other organizations which use a number of Apple smartphones and tablets for work-related reasons as it helps save precious time. Users do not need to wait for a free port or wall socket to charge their iOS devices.

“The PowerPad 16 can be placed in a cabinet, cart or carrying case. It can also be mounted on a table, wall or under a counter. It is perfect for tech centers, trade shows, travelling labs and training centers,” explained Joe Mazza, Datamation Systems’ Vice President.

The company states that its latest charging station is an apt replacement for heavy power strips and the AC adapter bricks of traditional chargers. Incorporated with Cambrionix state-of-the-art USB technology, it comes without the burden of tangled wires and chargers. Besides iOS devices, the Power Pad 16 can be used with any other gadget which is compatible with a standard Apple USB-connected AC adapter.

The Power Pad 16 price and availability details have not yet been revealed by the company.