Postmedia Network newspaper apps for Android

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While the ever growing Android App Market has something for everyone, its new entrant, Postmedia Network’s newspaper apps are here to offer Canada’s local, national as well as other international news. The Vancouver Sun, the Calgary Herald, the Edmonton Journal, the Ottawa Citizen, The Windsor Star, the Times Colonist (Victoria), The Province (Vancouver), the Leader-Post (Regina), The StarPhoenix (Saskatoon) and The Gazette (Montreal) are the ten Postmedia Network newspaper’s Android apps.

Android smartphone users can still very much access Postmedia Network’s content through their websites that are mobile-enabled. But these apps, along with other features, allow downloading news that can be read later, in offline mode. Readers also receive live news feed for twenty-four hours, seven days a week. In addition to this, they can check headlines, local weather and sport’s highlights.

“Our newest apps are a strong addition to the Postmedia Network smartphone portfolio, fuelling our audience growth strategy,” comments Malcolm Kirk, Executive Vice President, Digital Media. “Building on the success of our iPhone, iPad, PlayBook and other mobile web initiatives, these apps have been designed to offer a top-notch reading experience for Android.”

Readers also have the liberty to navigate to news sections of their choice and adjust font sizes to suit their needs. Also, content can be shared via e-mail and it is here that Facebook and Twitter come into play. Plus, photo galleries with images from Canada and around the world are viewable with these apps.

Postmedia Network newspaper apps for Android are available currently at no charge to readers in the Android Market at