PositionApp unleashed for iPhone


App developers may find this app to be quite useful. PositionApp is a new application on iPhone that can be one’s pocket gateway to the ups and downs of worldwide app chart success.

The app is claimed to be the ultimate means for users to choose the most recent hot apps for their iPhone developers to trail the success of their formation and promoters to gauge their communications impact by means of sales in markets worldwide.

The app can deliver loads of information that even the iTunes App Store may not have. They offer chronological data encompassing the last five months, reporting of the leading 300 than simply the top 100 apps in every category and effortless viewing of each and every app store of the world.

With the PositionApp, users can leaf through country, genre, position change, app name, free & paid, day, week or month. One can even follow specific preferences on their personal dashboard. Users may emphasize on the apps featuring in the top 100 and 300. One can effortlessly seek, buy and even share any app from the top 300 app charting data.

PositionApp is available for download from the Apple App store. The app is accessible for free for limited period.