Other BrandsPM Narendra Modi congratulates ISRO scientists for successfully launching IRNSS 1C satellite

PM Narendra Modi congratulates ISRO scientists for successfully launching IRNSS 1C satellite

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has tweeted his congratulations to ISRO scientists who have successfully launched IRNSS 1C which is the country’s third navigational satellite to be released into orbit. The mission was actually supposed to be completed last week on October 10 at the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota at 1.56am.

But an observation in the telecommand system forced the Indian Space Research Organization to postpone the launch. The PSLV C26/IRNSS-1C mission was later rescheduled to kick off at 1.32am on October 16. We’re happy to say that it did so successfully and ISRO was seen offering its Twitter followers a blow-by-blow account of the entire show as it unfolded.


The event was also covered live on Doordarshan, apart from going up on Facebook and the official ISRO website. IRNSS 1C is the nation’s third navigational satellite to be put into orbit as part of a system with seven such bodies. Four satellites are meant to be in inclined geosynchronous orbit and three are supposed to be in geostationary orbit.

The whole IRNSS setup will be extremely useful in disaster management, terrestrial/aerial/marine navigation, accurate timing, delivery of visual as well as voice directions for drivers and much more. The US equivalent to it is the NAVSTAR GPS, while Russia has GLONASS and the European Union is working on Galileo. The launch is obviously something to be very proud of.

India Navigational Satellite Launch

PM Modi says as much in his tweet congratulating the ISRO for successfully putting IRNSS 1C into orbit. The news comes not long after India shot off its first ever mission to Mars in September this year.

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