SonyPlayStation Gets Advanced DualSense Edge Controller

PlayStation Gets Advanced DualSense Edge Controller

DualSense Edge Controller

If you own a PS5, the DualSense controller is most definitely one of your favorite things about it. But Sony has managed to better its offerings by creating the DualSense Edge, the company’s “first-ever high-performance, ultra-customizable controller.”

It’s obviously a way to replicate the success of Microsoft’s Elite controllers that have enthused hardcore gamers for years. Like the said devices, the DualSense Edge controller is also aimed at providing an edge in gameplay by creating custom controls.

You can make the DualSense Edge wireless controller uniquely yours by remapping or deactivating certain button inputs. Moreover, you can also fine-tune your aim by adjusting stick sensitivity and dead zones. Each trigger is adjustable with regard to travel distance and dead zones.

The DualSense Edge even possesses the ability to save all your customized settings as profiles so you can swap between them for different games or users. This new controller comes with its own on-screen UI and just hitting the Fn button lets you adjust its settings on the fly.

Sony is complementing the DualSense Edge with three types of swappable stick caps, namely standard, high dome, and low dome. Moreover, users will also be able to completely replace each individual stick module on the controller, though, the replacement sticks will be sold separately.

All this is over and above the already strong list of signature DualSense features that provide an even more immersive experience in games. There’s greatly improved haptic feedback, apart from adaptive triggers, a built-in microphone, motion controls, and more.

Sony hasn’t revealed the release date of the DualSense Edge controller but has said that more details will be shared in the months ahead. Our bet is on a holiday season launch.

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