Pinger Textfree with Voice for unlimited messaging and calling

Textfree With Voice Voice call and texting go free, with an all new Textfree version. Pinger has unraveled the latest Textfree with Voice said to be the first applications based communication suite for smartphones, offering free phone numbers for messaging and calling purposes.

The existing Textfree, version 3.4 claims to be one of the primary texting applications at the iTunes app store. However, the service offers more, by giving free voice services over 3G and Wi-Fi. Textfree with Voice is all set to change the conventional fee structure scenario by monetizing messaging and calling with advertising.

Pinger asserts the importance of Textfree with Voice by saying that every year mobile network companies charge their consumers with hundreds of dollars for only messaging plans. Individuals sometimes pay up to $240 a year for unlimited messaging plans, whereas family messaging plans could go up to around $360 per year.

“Smartphones are rapidly becoming the norm for mobile consumers, but they are tied to an antiquated billing framework,” comments Greg Woock, Pinger CEO and co-founder. “Our ultimate goal is to offer free calling and texting to the four billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide.”

Textfree with Voice could save customers’ money by blending phone numbers for texting and calling via data channels. In fact Pinger intends to proffer Textfree with Voice straight away to its already existing 20 million iPhone OS customers. The Textfree with Voice can also be accessed on devices like the iPod touch and the iPad.

Pinger uses advertising to compensate the expense of offering Textfree with Voice, free to consumers. The company has conglomerated with prominent mobile advertising networks like Google, Admob, Quattro Wireless, and Millennial Media and intends to render complete support to Apple’s freshly announced iAd platform.