Picsoft Studio Tiny Defense for iPhone gamers

Picsoft Studio Tiny Defense

Picsoft Studio Tiny Defense, a side-view and grid base tower defense game, makes its way onto the iPhone for mobile gaming enthusiasts. The game is a combination of the cute and deadly with little robots titled ‘Minirobots’, created to take on ‘The Machines’ (read: evil), who have attacked their Green planet. ‘The Machines’ want to turn the planet into a space resort for they will be gaining huge profits out of it.

Tiny Defense’s side-view aspect allows gamers to understand the difference in height and terrain’s type on every level in the game, thus giving a good visual treat. This difference also enables enemy units to fall from higher ground to the lower one, while the air units fly straight. The game is sprinkled with variations in the environment that tend to affect gameplay, for instance, rising underwater levels featuring fast submarines cause damage to player’s robots.

Tiny Defense is complete with 150 levels and 30 mini-games with some ‘Boss fight’, which offer over 20 hours of fun-filled gaming. There are 40 robot types to choose from, who will be pitted against 32 enemy types. The game comes with original soundtracks, a lot of upgrades, unlockables and achievements. The adorable cartoon graphics and characters along with strategic gameplay, target people of all ages to enjoy its gaming experience.

Picsoft Studio Tiny Defense is scheduled to be available on App Store on Sept 22, 2011 for $2.99.