Phonevite Gadget Free Calling on Google now available

Phonevite Screen Shot

Phonevite, a division of Ifonoclast, together with Next-Gen Internet Communications have announced the availability of Phonevite Gadget on Google Gadgets deck. The Phonevite Gadget will enable users to access Google instantly and record their messages and broadcast it for free through automated telephone calls.

John Nahm, Co-Founder and CEO of the company, explained, “The easiest way to use the Phonevite Gadget is to go to Google’s personalized home page, iGoogle click on the Add Stuff link, do a quick search for the Phonevite Gadget, add it, and start using it.”

Usually, these automated calling and phone broadcasting tools were only accessible to large organizations, but due to the huge setup expense and complexity of such services.

Phonevite Gadget users will break the barriers of phone communications and will empowering any and every person to get in touch with their groups instantly and very simply through the phone.

Phonevite is presently being used by organizations and individuals to send reminders and important updates, over the phone, for event participants and group members.

Phonevite was founded by the pioneers in internet communications who worked with Silicon Valley Voice over IP venture that was acquired by Yahoo! in 2005, Engineering and Product Marketing at Dialpad.