ApplePenpower launches WorldCard App for iPhone

Penpower launches WorldCard App for iPhone

Penpower WorldCard App Business professionals may find this tiding of great use. Penpower Inc. has recently announced the WorldCard Mobile iPhone application to help business people keep track of their networked connections through their mobile device.

The newly released app helps in digitally scanning business cards and depositing the information into the phones contact list. Users can now take photos of business cards and have them inserted directly into their contact book. Impressively, the app recognizes cards in seven different languages making it the ideal app for the business user.

“The iPhone is not known for being user friendly when entering a significant amount of text,” stated Tsay, CEO of Penpower Inc. “WorldCard Mobile makes it quick and easy to import a stack of business cards from after a conference or important meeting without the frustration of a touch screen keyboard.”

Once installed, the WorldCard app utilizes the high-resolution camera of the iPhone 3GS to photograph business cards and pull the information off of them using the company’s OCR technology. This particular technology ensures superior recognition quality, allowing for text detection from many other cards that readers cannot access at much faster speeds. Further, after scanning cards, users just need to sync the phone with the computer to load their contacts into their email program and social networks.

The WorldCard Mobile app is now available in the business category of the iTunes App Store for 6.00 pounds, but is currently on sale for 3.49 pounds.

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