Pebble smartwatches officially arrive in India

Pebble has officially made its way to India, several years after the company first made a mark in the wearable industry with its Kickstarter-funded smartwatch. The firm has brought along four of its smartwatches from its lineup for release in the country.

Pebble has further chosen Amazon India to be the exclusive home for its products. Light users who need a basic smartwatch could look into the Rs 5999 Classic model for their needs. It comes with a down-to-basics black and white e-paper display which communicates important notifications like emails, messages, calendar events, and Caller ID.

Pebble Time Round

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The slightly costlier Pebble Time offers the same functionality in color for Rs 9999. It’s also been equipped with a built-in microphone. Interested buyers looking for a more stylish option could explore the lightweight and super-thin Time Round. The wearable is priced at Rs 13599 and offers leather band options.

The Time Steel is the most expensive of the lot at Rs 15999. Pebble has blessed it with a marine-grade stainless steel chassis and bezel and a toughened 2.5D glass display. The brand guarantees it can survive for up to 30m underwater. Users additionally won’t have to constantly charge the gadget since it can apparently last for 10 days on a single charge.

All the Pebble smartwatches are compatible with Android and iOS. A separate Health app helps consumers keep track of their fitness goals in a concise manner. A new update even relays advanced information in an easy-to-comprehend graph charting a person’s fitness data and accomplishments.

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Once again, you can buy the Pebble Classic, Time, Time Round and Time Steel via Amazon India starting at Rs 5999.