SoftwarePalm Pre gets unofficial SIM unlock

Palm Pre gets unofficial SIM unlock

Palm Pre Palm Pre users who have ever so wanted a true SIM unlock for the device, can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Engadget reports that according to PreCentral, a true SIM unlock for the Palm Pre has been made available, developed by jictechnology. This unlocking plan comes at varying prices and the default plan costs £ 25.00 for a single unlock code.

Apparently, the developers of the unlock say that there are still a couple of issues that need to be fixed. Although this ‘permanent unlock’ should persist after webOS software updates. This may come across as good news for those who are struggling with the post 1.4 issues that the Rebel SIM solution has been facing.

The extremely anxious users wanting to get the Pre Plus in the US on AT&T may want to wait a little longer until the launch actually happens, although developers can test the unlocking on a lower-end regular Pre phone. To attain a free, clear and proper dev phone, users can try to amalgamate a discounted non-contracted phone with the latest version of WebOS Meta Doctor and the latest unlock for Palm Pre.

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