Paessler unveils iPRTG iPhone app

Paessler iPRTG iPhone App Networking has received a new dimension with the latest iPhone app from Paessler known as the iPRTG. The app is especially designed for network administrators who use, or intend to use PRTG Network Monitor.

The app facilitates users to view the monitored environment and to manage monitoring, irrespective of their location. The app brings all the data from the central PRTG server and displays it in a format that is specially developed for the iPhone. Even while commuting, iPhone users can employ this app to check the status of server availability.

Dirk Paessler, CEO of Paessler AG, commented, “The iPhone has revolutionized mobile communications, and today’s network administrators are always on the go. iPRTG will allow them to stay informed about the health of the network, diagnose issues and take the appropriate action from anywhere in the world, improving efficiency and response time to network events.”

“This new app makes PRTG Network Monitor infinitely portable, convenient and easy to use. Now you can have an entire network snapshot right in the palm of your hand. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that can save a tremendous amount of time and money, especially in small organizations with small IT staffs. And the best thing: iPRTG was developed using PRTG’s open API, which has already been used by thousands of independent software developers worldwide,” he added.

The iPRTG iPhone app also offers access to data regarding bandwidth and network usage, facilitating administrators to enhance the performance and competence of the network. The touchscreen navigation of the iPhone permits immediate access to all required details. With the sensitive operation, sensor adjustments, viewing messages, note analysis of alerts and charts and evaluation of results are made possible.

iPRTG iPhone app is now available on the iTunes App Store.